Friday, April 4, 2014

Invasive Buckthorn Pulp

I finally had a chance to cook and chop the strips of inner bark from invasive buckthorn which have been sitting in my laundry room for the past few months. I was curious if the pulp would be orange or green, but the answer was immediately clear as soon as I added the cuttings to the boiling water. The water turned a dark reddish orange within minutes. Unlike phragmites, the strips blended easily and created a nice smooth pulp the first time around - one boil, one chop. It was a great relief as I am now on my THIRD boiling of a stubborn pot of phragmites. Anyway, I made two pieces of buckthorn paper which are now drying on a sheet of acrylic so that one side is very smooth. We'll see if it holds together and how it takes an image transfer before I collect any more. I'll post a picture as soon as the sheets are dry.