Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Margaret Welsch and the Michigan Nature Association

During my visit to Welsch Nature Preserve, I discovered that Margaret Welsch is President of the Michigan Nature Association. The MNA is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to protecting Michigan's rare, threatened and endangered plant species and the critical habitats that support them. They have successfully built a network of more than 170 nature sanctuaries across Michigan. I was quite embarrassed that I hadn't heard of the organization before that day, and am so very grateful for that moment of serendipity.

On the day of my visit, Margaret had expressed a lot of interest in my endangered plant photography project and mentioned that some of the other MNA members would, too. However, nothing prepared me for her phone call the following day. She informed me that MNA would be contributing $1,000 to support the project. In addition, they wanted to include an article about it in their Michigan Nature magazine

Last week I met with staff and board members from the Michigan Nature Association: Garret Johnson (Executive Director), Margaret Welsch (President), Aubrey Golden (Vice President), and Paul Steiner (Operations Director). It was an exciting meeting as we discussed ideas for further collaboration with the project. It is an honor to be in the company of amazing people who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

THANK YOU to Margaret Welsch and the MNA staff and Board of Trustees! I am truly honored to have your support and look forward to helping spread the word about protecting Michigan's endangered plant species and special natural areas. 

Check out MNA's informative website for a county-by-county list of its sanctuaries, for information on education opportunities in the area, and how you can help.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!